Feb 26, 2002

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Story Pages

Of all the things the world would remember about Marathon. They had to bring up the Bob launching cannon. It wasn't enough for them that is had the most engrossing story of just about any game of its time. They couldn't mention that the atmosphere looked like it was pulled out of one of the Alien movies (one of the first two, not that last one, that one was lame!). They couldn't even mention the interesting net game types for crying out loud! When all is said and done, the only thing people really think Marathon boils down to is... a cannon that shot screaming exploding Bobs at you. Now how is that for a legacy.

Bobs! They're everywhere! Even in definitions.

Feb 25, 2002

A man named Bob -NY Best Seller?

I would first like to thank Eon for helping me make this program that I and Doughnut are using now to write the updates. He helped anwser questions and write some code to make it a convenient tool. Thanks buddy.

Story Page Forum

As I was browsing the forum the other day I came across some pretty good Marathon fan fiction. It got me thinking that if more people like D-M.A. got to writing this stuff, We might have to make ourselves a website to honor these warriors of the pen. So if you a creative bone in your body, pull it out (under proper medical supervision of course) and put it to good use by writing up a little piece of fan fiction. Who knows, you may become famous... or maybe not.

Open Source

Pfhorge is not up to version 0.7!! you know what that means:-) They now have a basic visual mode. Be sure to support this guy cause Pfhorge is looking more everyday like the utility for designing A1 scenarios.


Jeffrey Lindquist, I would like to shake your hand, virtually of course (who knows what kind of disgusting germs you might have). You are the latest person to join the Holy order of the Vidmaster. As a Vidmaster you will or course be required to but up with thralls of media and crazed Marathon fans who will flock to your door in hopes of getting a glimpse of a man who defies the normal laws of 'thoning and instead, taking upon you the difficult task of Viding all Thirty-four gut wrenching levels. We here at marathon.bungie.org salute you.

Feb 20, 2002

lots of bran does not equal regular updates of this site

Lh'owon Ar'kives
A new poll has arrived at L-A, go forth and vote on which monster you hate the most. Curse those Lava F'lickta!

Speaking of L-A, a new version of M1A1 will be available in the coming days. You should nab this (Mac or SDL versions) as it's expected to be the final version. While you wait for 1.3 to be released, grab the M1A1 mp3s also available at L-A.

The Story Page
A clever little fellow by the name of John Zero has discovered an image from Alien 3 in the Windows version of Marathon 2. What that image is doing there is beyond me... Why don't you go discuss it on the Story Fory.

Feb 12, 2002

ACME ehh... look out for those 1-Ton weights

Open Source

Both Cranberry and Pfhorge get updates with some great new features. Also be sure to check out ACME station which alows you to change a whole lot of attributes in a merged map.


Several maps were released but simply sliped though my fingers. One of which was the latest Yoda Saga installment.

Scenario News

Once again the page is left blank as of a lack of news. Please post something about how you're scenario is doing.


Flatline needs you! They are looking for a sprite drawer and music composer, so if you fit that bill, let them know

Jan 31, 2002

i am snoozy boy the infamous conqueror of zits warts and barry manilow --a friend

Marathon's Story

Hamish is still looking for eagle-eye "Marathon Story gurus" to help find the ninth Nar reference. Are you up to the challange.

Open Source

SDL Networking code is in the works so be on the lookout for it

Scenario News

OMG mb Eternal have finished its texture sets, all 175 of them. Now if only I could add about 12hr to the end of the day, I might be able to finish fixing the many bugs and things.


Well I know that I am normally up on the recruits, serving you the latest slice of "help wanted" ads. Well I have fallen behind (as many of you can plainly see), so head over there and lend a hand, cause that is the only way more great scenarios will ever be finished.

Jan 17, 2002

this little aussie should be sleeping...

Tourney Be Damned!
Come one, frag all! Team Unpfhorgiven is pleased to announce the first ever Marathon: Resurrection internet tournament. This event will mark the first ever Marathon-related tournament held over the internet.
When and where do I sign up?
Entries will be taken starting from January 16th to the 29th. Tournament play will commence on February 6th. Games will be played on weekdays after 6PM PST.
To sign up, go to this page and fill in the blanks.
What do I get after my inevitable victory?
Fame, ascension to godliness and a nice boost in self esteem! You also get to go one-on-one with the winner of the internal development team tournament.
The team is working on coming up with a small token to reward the winner with. Perhaps having your face pasted on a BOB or the opportunity to record a new BOB quote. We will know before the tournament ends. For now, it's all in good fun.

A Word From tBC...
The date is December 12, 1997. What happens when Greg Kirkpatrick (of Bungie and Double Aught fame) meets the Battle Cat on alt.games.marathon? Carnage ensues! Watch with disgust and horror as these two Titans of Trouble battle it out as "Geiger" Aliens taking down, with malice, any of the bystanders that had the woeful misfortune to be trapped in the maelstrom of vicious verbal blows that were traded. It is going down NOW at the Battle Cat's Marathon Page in the Related Humor department!

Jan 16, 2002

Something to pass the time in this boring class.

Marathon's Story

You know, this is what I get for not taking a look at the story page site in a while. There is now a butt-load of updates, and i would make this page a mile long if I tried to summarize it, so go read about the Marathon cookie... That is all.

Open Source

While the open source page has no news, it does have a very cool screenshot of the new iMac inside of marathon.

Marathon : Resurrection

Marathon Res is having the first of hopfully many offical tournements. Go to the Fileball link on M : R's site to enter. See ya there

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