Mar 24, 2002

yes nate, i'll update it today

Story Page
Someone knows what thees Quakes iz. But the full answer hasn't been given yet. Go forth and answer the question, if you can.

Open Source
Joshua D. Orr has reported that he has added fully working copy and paste to Pfhorge. Plus we can also expect a version 0.8.0 update with lots of bug fixes soon. More at the home of Aleph One.

Da Bighouse
From a scenario where nothing has been heard for a fairly long time suddenly a burst of life has come back. The TC19 has updated their site... Sort of. What could 04/02 possibly mean?

Lastly, happy birthday to Simon of the scenario Portal of Sigma. He's 22 as of today, err... Yesterday. Curse the time zones! Happy birthday, Simon!

Mar 16, 2002

More features than you can shake a stick at

Open Source

Strange how your partner can leave you out cold when you think he is at your side. Well, such is life. Since our absence those cooks on the A1 Development team have implemented animated 3d models. Now this doesn't mean that you need to run out and grab the latest copy of A1 cause these features wont be available to you for quite some time. Yes I know, its sad, but at least you can be happy that Pfhorge will be adding Terminal editing to its myriad of useful tools. If A1 gets any more advanced, we will be mistaking it for Unreal :b

Marathon : Resurrection

One word...ScreenShots!!

Scenario News

It seems that something is astir at Classified 19's website. But to hell if they are going to give us a straight answer about what it is.


Well this is a change of pace. For once someone if giving instead is asking. This selfless soldier of the Marathon order is offering his creative services to the community. Lets give him a hand.

Mar 14, 2002

Porting Trojan? No, thanks...

Straight from the mouth of the Battle Cat himself:
For you scenario conversion monkeys out there (you know who you are) Hamish Sanderson would like a word with you concerning the porting of his scenario, "Trojan". If he said it once, he said it twice, no ports of Trojan are approved. If he has to say it again his head will spin till all the caramel corn flies out so he asked the Battle Cat to make it official. Read the fine details of the Official Word in at the Battle Cat's Marathon Page. Click on Forge Tips, Hamish Sanderson's EditNotes, then look for the link on porting Trojan... or hell, just go there.

Mar 9, 2002

How does that Nike taste??

Open Source

Are you in need of a little Pfhorgiveness??? I know that all but the most hardened Vidmasters need to take a break from useing fists only and not recharging health. Julian Mayer has the answer for you with her OSX flavored save game editor. So sit back and give yourself a vacation... marathon wise.

Story Page Forum

"I'll eat my shoe..." "...I'll even film the meal, and post it here."

Claude shows up on the forum with this VERY interesting statment (of course while we would never take anything he said out of context, you can read the whole statment here.

Mar 5, 2002

nobody gave me a funny line

The Yota Saga (Part 9) is now available for your downloading pleasure. This one includes 5 levels, 3 of which are large. Head on over to the Archives and nab it.

Story Fory
The Story Fory is seeing a whole lot of action. Especially with REB transcribing a lot of the pages from the Marathon Scrapbook. Head on over and check it out.

Open Source
Joshua D. Orr's level editor is now up to version 0.7.5 and fixes a lot of bugs. You can obtain it from here.

Mar 2, 2002

Scenarios Everywhere!

Scenario News
Good lord - you update, and what do you get? Silence, that's what! Rocket launcher, my aunt's fanny... Big ol' Scenarionews update went up yesterday - two up, two down. Par for the course, I guess. See what you can do to help out Ross.

The Archives
You want new files? We gotchyer new files right heahhh... a new M1A1, a whole new scenario, and some netmaps - you'll find it all at the Archives!

Feb 28, 2002

Ohhh! The agony .

Scenario News

Bah! The scenario news page is empty again. Where is my rocket launcher...I'll make somebody pay!!!!

Story Page "Pfhorum"

More of the Scrapbook has been transcribed and, much to our delite, D-M.A. has graced us with another (this time much stranger) little morsel of fan fiction goodness. Come on people! let see what you can come up with.

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