May 2, 2002

OMG Its you!

Open Source

Rejoice! OS9 has a new build of Aleph One. Since I know you enjoy those neat levels with 3d models that nobody know how to add, this is right you your alley. They have added support for animated models and cleaned up a bunch of other stuff as well so go and take a look.

Map of the Month

This time it took even more than a year, but finally its here...

May 1, 2002

my turn again?

As of today, the first part of the 'thon scenario TC19 was released. You must all now go to the TC19 page and download TC19. The official Press Release can be found here.

Scenario News
Giotto Island has shown us a few new things. Head over to SNews to find out what they've shared and where you can find it.

The Orphanage
It's been awhile... Much longer then updates here, but the Orphanage has been updated again. This time, an almost finished Marathon scenario called Acephalosity as been added to the uncompleted scenarios.

Apr 22, 2002

Eat it Vidboi!

The Archives

11. Yes 11 is the number of submissions to the archives that you will find in the new maps search. Just when everyone was boo whooing about how dead the marathon scene was looking. BLAM! Well you all got your Vent Cores Frogblasted didn't you ;b

I'm Out of Ammo!!!!

Scenario News

Once again confirming that Marathon is still kick'n ass and taking names, Solace updates its website with more screenshots than you can shake a Pfhor staff at. I literally had to pick my jaw up off the floor on this one cause these screens are nice :)

Portal of Sigma is also helping to lead the charge with "7" screenshots to drool over.

Whats this ?!?!?

Gates of Fenris also has some screens to share. Oh my, this is not looking good for our Doom fanatical nah-sayers.

Could it get any better than this ??

Apr 20, 2002

make me rampant...

The kitty has provided us with another hair ball of knowledge...

How can one stupid Marathon film take you from dancing on the chaos-prone edges of virtual reality to decaying-polarized-critical-mass BOBs to kamikaze style suicide to the Periphery Zone to Black Reparations? Is this some sort of Kevin Bacon movie?? No it is Weird Science and it is happening on the Battle Cat's Marathon Page. Look for film 24 at the bottom of the Weird Science page.

Orbital Arm
This was updated a little while ago... But hey, we update twice as often as so quit complaining! Anyway... the Orbital Arm was updated a little while ago and again just a few days ago. Go forth and scare the new guy there!

After being quiet for all this time, the Solace scenario pipes up with a great video of some of the action that you'll find in Solace. Head over to the site for Solace, and prepare a place on your HD to install Solace once Solace is done. Did I mention that it's called Solace?

Apr 9, 2002

We update twice as often as

Open Source

Pfhorging ahead with several bug fixes in the OS-X map editor.

Scenario News

Scenario News page comes back from the empty with some news about the Classified 9 and Solace scenarios. We need some of those scenarios on the left to jump over to the completed scenarios list like pronto.

Orbital Arm

Now that OA has its forum woes out of the way there seems to be a new scenario in the works. :D Also OA would like sugestions on what direction it should take. All that and a box of cookies.

Apr 5, 2002

perhaps posting these when they come in is a better idea

What does monkey spanking, Fusion Pistols and cheerful red wall paint have to do with Vidmasterage? Those fusion batteries may soup up a marital aid but for goodness sake, save a couple for the fight ahead. If not, you may suffer the fate of this featured Space-Onan. Head out to the Battle Cat's Marathon Page and check out film 23 on the Weird Science page.
Better bring a towel.

Apr 1, 2002

Halo...FrogBlast your Combat

Story Page
Durandal, Hes everywhere!

Halo...for marathon?!?!?! Wow! I wonder...

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