Jul 20, 2002

time to give Oribital Arm a good kick in the pants

in the face of slackage on the part of everyone's favorite pastry, i have been called in for a special op. mission to provide an emergency update to keep m.b.o up to date.

Marathon Story

wow. its the marathon you never knew. screenshots and all!

Open Source

Want your scenario to look like Quake 3??? Well maybe you cant, but Jemmett's website will give you the skinny on adding low ploy 3d models into aleph one. Head over to the open source site and soon you may have desk lamps on your colony ship.


one ping only! the puzzles continue as we reach level five.

Scenario News

YOUR IN THE ARMY NOW BOY!!!! yes WW2 scenario coming to marathon. READ ALL ABOUT IT!!

Orbital Arm

stuck on a PC? want to play M2 using aleph one? well Orbital Arm to the rescue.

Jul 10, 2002

so many doors.

hmmm...I wonder...

Jun 26, 2002

the locks on a 7/11 confuse me

If you're Australian and you know it... Umm, clap your hands and go here and sign up for, hopefully, the first Sydney fan gathering. Come just to see me!

The Archives
From Spht'Kr models to a running Carlos, the Archives have the most recently released 'thon related materials. Only one way to find out what's between those two things, head over there and see for yourself.

Aleph One
A new version of Pfhorge and networking back in Aleph takes a step closer. The only place to find out more is the Source. Source.b.o that is.

Scenario News
SNews has the heads up on a recently finished 7 level scenario, Escape 2, as well as a bunch of up and coming scenarios... Including one that looks like a really skinny marshmellow man.

Jun 16, 2002

I love you man...BLAM!

Open Source

Pfhorge is on the verge of a giant version update which will make it almost a complete map editor. For those of you that have been languishing in search of a better way to produce A1 maps without the terror which is Forge, then look no further than Joshua Orr's frankenstein monster.

Story Page


Scenario News

Now most of you faithful folks are probably saying, "Hey! There is no scenario news!" and your right, sort of. You see rumors fly in places such as the hotline server hl.forerunners.org that scenarios like sigma and flatline are on the verge of release. Now if only we could get those guys to send news to SN so it could be posted.


Be all tha7 you can be...

Jun 4, 2002

i am jack's lack of a press release...

What's this, a new scenario is released and we've beaten SNews to annoucing it? Shame on you, SNews! m.b.o is the lazy end of bungie.org!

Escape!! 2
Scott Noblitt of Orbital Arm fame has released this scenario and I'll let you guess what it's a sequal was. Head over to the Orbital Arm page about it, or even Scott's personal site. Don't forget to check out his other releases.

Now we wait for SNews to catch up and perhaps even the Archives...

May 22, 2002

OMG Battle Cat mb!

This just in from that neurotic feline:

Hey anybody got some ion drive fuel rod cleaner the Battle Cat can rinse his mouth out with? He was in one of his net maps to get a little helpin' of Skelpin' and sure enough he got knocked face down dead into this gigantic pile of poo over in the corner of the arena. Despite the rumors, he does not secretly like it. Sure he went back and it happened again, but that was an accident and he can explain everything. Because this started out a skelpin' film and ended up an X-crement file, you could say the 2 films are doing "double dooty". Go see for yourself at the Battle Cats Marathon Page, follow the "NEW" link on the left or just go there without frames.

May 20, 2002

don't eat yellow ice... but what about Mt. Dew squishies?

Just when you thought Marathon was dead-ish...
Just when you thought Quake was taking over...
Just as you were about to go play that Halo game...
Nah... You don't want to do that stuff.

Marathon Fan Fiction
Now open for your viewing pleasure, the Marathon Fan Fiction Page. Perhaps it might be bare right now, but that will all change soon... As soon as you start sending them in. So get cracking!

Story Page
The Story Fory is going on strong. Recent topics range from 2001 references to Ferazel's Wand. And just where is Hamish? It's been 5 days since he's updated the Story Page... Perhaps the Pfhor have him... Or perhaps a bigger conspiracy.

Scenario News
Something big and nice will be released in the coming few days... I won't say what as I might just get in trouble. But it is a 'thon scenario and it will be quite kick arse (I'm Australian, that's how we spell "ass" :-P).
Got news? Mail us!