Oct 31, 2002

This is my boom stick!

Open Source
3 major points have been worked on for this release of Aleph One. Very nicely done, boys. Those points are; Software rendering is now "almost usable", improved FPS display and (drum roll)... Working TCP/IP networking! Head over to s.b.o to find out more.

This is quite an amazing advancement. Everyone that's able to, should nab the latest version and help test out TCP/IP networking. We should all help to make this the greatest feature to date!

Oct 24, 2002

Mutha Flickta

Marathon's Story

The terminal text facelift continues as Marathon 2 text finishes being spruced up. Way to go guys. :D It looks great.

Open Source

Holy flying tick guts Batman! Those jonesers over at the Open Source have done it again by delivering not only a cool replacement for one of the scenery items in Marathon and a 3d version of our favorite napalm target, but they also have a nice tutorial on how to actually install these crazy things and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

Scenario News

mystery and more mystery.
Oh and the Solace site will be back up soon at its new address http://nate3d.yi.org:8080/solace
Also Orion says that the project is currently on hiatus till further notice.
Sorry to steal that bit from SN, but they didn't post it :P


WOW! I have never seen anyone fly through Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! as fast as this guy did.

Oct 11, 2002

100,000 what now?

Now I know I haven't been the best poster. But I watched... Ah forget it.

It's been a long time since Marathon made it to a news post on bungie.net. But recently it did because of the Aleph One guys and their quest to get AO running on anything they see. It seems they've got AO running on a DreamCast. Yes, you heard right. Head over to s.b.o for some more tid-bits.

People sure do like pumping out maps for Marathon after all these years. Not just maps, though... Weird things now days too. Like a Max Payne texture set for AO. Amazing. Go forth and looketh.

This little ol' site is nearly about to hit 100,000 hits. Isn't that amazing? Hooray for us!"

Sep 23, 2002

That will do pig.

Open Source

Well there is a bit of news in the Windows A1 front, but I think the coolest bit of news in the open source corner is the major progress on Pfhorge the A1 level editor for OSX. Spin over to the open source page and take a look


A whole slew of new maps have hit the archives now. Just in time for the back to school carnage.

Scenario News

wow scenarios coming out the wazzo!


Well it looks like our faithful Headmaster has a few things on his mind about Marathon and the orphanage site.

Aug 28, 2002

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Marathon to bring you this news flash!

In the recent annals of Marathon news I think today ranks up there with the great news stories of Rubicon's release and the discovery of arrival.bungie.org. What you may ask could be so cool for marathoners across the world?? I think the veritable Cat of Carnage and Feline Terror to the Pfhor has put this news best. So this is what The Mighty Battle Cat has to say about the new, Forerunners.org Network:

Have you ever sung a lullaby to a sleeping god while playing softly on a low-yield nuclear device? Is your computer a comm term with a rampant AI for an OS? Have you ever given your brother the Backbreaker while battling for the fate of the world because he pantsed you once in gym? Do you ever jumpstart your Warthog with high explosives? Have you ever driven all the way to the Great Devoid with dwarves in the back seat whining, "Are we there yet?", only to find it was closed like Wally World?

If so, then you are in for a treat! Introducing Forerunners.org, a new website composed of a community of member websites devoted to Bungie Studio's games: past, present and future.

The structure of Forerunners is simple, think of it as a central core serving Bungie-game-themed satellite hubs that link to related web sites run by members. Rather like corn dogs on sticks stuck in bigger corn dogs on sticks all stuck in a really big corn dog... on a stick. Where's my pills??

Anyway, Forerunners will provide members with online web space for their OWN Bungie fan site, bandwidth and email addresses as well as featuring forums, a hotline server, member generated news and MORE. Membership is free, all you gotta do is love Bungie games and know what your name is. Everybody is welcome to visit hl.forerunners.org on hotline or http://forerunners.org on the net. Hang out with the people who love the games you love.

To celebrate our opening we plan to give away some cool loot that Matt Soell of Bungie Studios has purloined from the Bungie vaults. Look for the sign up form soonô.

Forerunners.org is another creation of Steve Campbell and Gary Simmons, the two idiots who originated Bungie.org. This time around we decided that the fan site should be created and maintained not by an elite few, but by the very people who visit it. When you are at Forerunners you are not "watching a movie", you are writing the screenplay! This all starts TODAY and if you get there soon you will see how disorganized we are. Catch us with our pants down and see why we should have said, "lets give it another week"! Join the fun!

Aug 28, 2002

purrty kitties

Scenario News
SNews received a fairly hidden update recently. For those that browse the web entirely by looking at the source of pages will now notice the HTML4 code that lines the site. The rest of us will notice the updates from a number of scenarios.
I wonder if the masses will ever get snoody with us if we don't update enough...

The New Kid
Recently a new kid has shown up in the yard. He wears different socks to the rest of us and he's been spotted playing with stray animals and poking the road kill with a stick... Perhaps giving this new kid some attention will do it some good.

Aug 2, 2002

what's this button do?

It's been awhile... Lets see if I still know what to d... Uh oh. I didn't press it!
Lets start this update with a rather loud boom. The Lh'owon Ar'kives are back! Toot your noise makers and release the balloons. When you've finished with that, go check out your favorite place to find Marathon maps, scenarios, odds and ends.

Scenario News
A scenario dies and from it a new one is born... Oh! And a middle aged one is updated and shows off some of it's levels with some fancy screen shot thingie-ma-bobs.
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