Jan 5, 2003


Pathways Into... Marathon?
It sure seems that way with a Pathways Into Darkness page at the Bighouse n' all. For more information on PiD, check out the latest at Scenario News. If you're looking for information on an up and coming Marathon scenario, or just looking back and remembering the old ones check out the Bighouse.

GURPS Marathon
What the...? Do those letters go together? Apparently so. Well, as DcBob points out GURPS Marathon is now complete. Strange things people do with their spare time... Now where's that cat and my roll of duct tape...

Dec 30, 2002

Better Late than never :P

Marathon's Story

...and then the mighty Hamish cast forth his gaze upon one, Gholsbane, who having sight like the greatest of eagles, made known the us the location of ancient cave marking which have borne the striking resemblance to our very own Master of 'Pick-Tür'. And there was much rejoicing...

Open Source

Jeremy Parsons wants your feedback on how the stripped down, stable, versions of AlephOne (known as Aleph Modular) should be set and what organized. If you are an A1 developer or a scenario designer then I would suggest you throw your two cents in on the alephmodular-devel mailing list.

Dec 27, 2002


A Quick Note

I plan on making a full update tomarrow, but hopefully this will tide you over till then. Great Stuff from the Mighty Matt Soell

Dec 20, 2002

Quartz Came Back

Another note from the Legendary Battle Cat:

There is a new tutorial by Quartz on the Battle Cat's Marathon Page. Quartz will walk you through the technique of adding additional textures to a texture set. This can be pretty tricky unless you have a little bit of instruction. Quartz provides just that, but it's exactly what you need to know to get the job done. Click on the Anvil Tips link and then the Quartz' Quarry link. If frames reminds you of your last reason for visiting prison then you can just teleport there.
Now, while this sort of tutorial already exists (Borzz created a very pretty one about four years ago), this news post is worthy in another way - check out the domain those URLs point to. (Yes, the final pages are (currently) still on earthlink.net... but methinks there might be something happening at webwonks...)

Dec 12, 2002

Is that a pfhor under the mistletoe?

Open Source

Scenario makers rejoice, Some folks over at the Aleph One project are working on a project to create a slimmed down, modular, AND STABLE version of Aleph one from the original Marathon 2 source.

Scenario News

Scenario makers beware, (thought I was going to say rejoice huh ;P) The Scenario News page is calling out all those scenarios that are looking more stale and moldy than that 9 week old cheese toast from sizzler that its logged somewhere in the back of my refrigerator. if the folks at SN dont hear from you soon the "in-progress" side of the page might be getting a little "nip and tuck".

Orbital Arm

In other news, SDL version of "M1A1" has received an update. Also, if thats not enough to wet your whistle, the "M.A.D.D.s for A1 SDL" has been updated again to fix a little (but humorous) bug in the shapes.

Dec 3, 2002

:// Hioo!!!

Open Source

I suppose that with all the excitement of A1 on the dreamcast that we may have the tendency to ignore some of the less foretunatly OS's out there. (please excuse me, i have been playing M1A1 non-stop on my 21 TV with surond sound. It seriously rocks)

So it seems that at least someone out there is still doing something besides playing Marathon on a non-pippin console. So for you non-mac users out there, you can get the latest windows A1 update now ;)

Scenario News

Strange notes and dangerous weapons and a site that is a PoS. ::waves to Simon::

Nov 20, 2002

Stepping in...

Posting this because our regulars seem to have gone AWOL. :( (This isn't really the only Marathon news in recent weeks, but it's timely, so I'm putting it up now.) The Battle Cat sends along this missive about a new tutorial available to the public:

What possible connection could manly men, vaporware, Dorkiepooters, mice, Pappy Smurf and the Marathon Theta Error have in common? In a word, "Quartz". Only this legend of a man could bring all these disparate subjects under one roof. Go see how this could possibly be and while you are there, read a terrific explanation of the Marathon Theta Error in a NEW tutorial on Quartz' revamped and improved tutorials page, Quartz' Quarry. This is all happening on the Battle Cat's Marathon Page in the Anvil Tips department. For those of you whose mother was frightened by a frame while you were in the womb, you can go there directly.

We suggest you check it out, before someone tells tBC where you are...

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