Jun 29, 2003


Much mongering has been tacked onto the Marathon Open Source Project since last we conversed. For news of nightly builds, map manufacture, mailing lists and maintainers, head over that way. You know, the way that's pointed out up there.

While you're there, be sure to download the new Aleph One build for your platform of choice. Well... one of the two that were updated...

Not that kind of Story Page
Señor Bonilla has recently seen fit to enlighten folks of his literary talent. Give him some encouragement and support.

Attempting a cruel threadjack, Ernie tacked on a challenge to produce a spiffier design for the MaraFFwoargh! page. Sounds tough. Are you S'pht enough?

Jun 22, 2003

Those silly Machall guys.

Those who frequent the web comic MacHall are no strangers to the occasional Marathon reference; whether it be on t-shirts or in the gag itself. I just thought I would point out their plug of this website in their latest news post. For those inquiring minds, The boys are Machall are credited with making a great scenario for Marathon years ago called Marathon:Red

Thanks Boys. :)

Marathon Story

Some intriguing disscussion on the technicalities of some of the weapons in Marathon. Also, questions about a little mystery that no one seems to have pointed out before. Amazing how they can sneak by ya like that.

Jun 16, 2003

No ritual. None today.

A new Maraff for you today by Vaxuum BOB and an impromptu status report on WMaiD from Ernie.

Simon also brings news on his in-progress scenario, Portal of Sigma. New screenshots, a map status report and orphaned offspring all feature.

Some of you may have heard of the mystical Marathon 2003 mod being forged by madmen beneath the bowels of the everlasting shrine of Angurvadal. We assure you now, this is no myth. But, if you're working on a major mod you need a website, so Boomer has thrown dignity to the wind and cried out for help. Are you up to the task? Probably not. But I suppose enthusiasm is a good first step.

While some in the community look to the future of Marathon, others remember it's humble beginnings. For a healthy dose of nostalgia, visit Bungie's website, circa 1997. Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'intrate.

Jun 3, 2003

Bootleg Merchandise! Open Source! Free Schooling! Missing Pants!

Not content with just being a Fan Fiction maestro, Ernie has chosen to trespass on the Cafe Press estate. Check out his tale of tragedy, love, modelling, and machismo to find out what the hell I'm rambling about.

Aleph One
Amidst a self-replicating swarm of philosophical Matrix-Marathon discussions, an eager tester brought good news to the Story Forum. A new build of Aleph One Carbon is available on the Open Source page. Download links can be found at the SourceForge site.

Marathon's Story
A new activity to pass the hours of tedium has materialised on the Story Forum. Language classes! Yep, the attempt to document the linguistic complexities of the S'pht has been revitalised. Soon, we'll be able to cuss without receiving a swift clap 'round the lobes. Yet another reason not to learn French!
Note: In no way do the maintainers of this site condone frog bashing of any shape, form or variation. Nevertheless, we cannot deny its comedic value.

What! The Bungie Soapbox has received an update? How ex7raordinary...

May 27, 2003


Scenario News
Four days after the last update was reported here, the creature has been fed once more. It seems people are still actually working on Marathon projects. Weird, hunh?

Fan Fiction
The MaraFF page gets a nice update with a new story and the first ever Marathon illustrated children's book. You may Seefit to read them. Um.. now.

Map of the Month
The mother of this mother, um, has birthed again? Ok, drop that analogy. Some hermit has reviewed a new map (or sixteen) for your edification. What are you waiting for? Be edified!

The doctor strikes again! John Sumner, Vidmaster extraordinaire, has finally conquered Sensori Overload from Devil in a Blue Dress for M2. Get the new film pack here.

You'd think they're giving this news away.

May 23, 2003


As an introductory offer, I provide you with a second newspost absolutely free:

The crazy mailbag monster remembered about the Scenario News page again. Last month. Whether you want to read it or not is not in my hands. I'll be nice and give you the option.
Choose carefully

Hamish also made some updates a while ago. Se7ens, sightings and seagulls abound. Well, maybe no seagulls.

On a more sombre note, Matt's employers got tired of the hippos and forced him to sing war songs. We pine for you, Matt.

All this and more next year.

P.S. Don't steal my lunch money. Please.

May 23, 2003

Sir, yes sir!

Re'source'ful Buggers!
Sorry about that pun... Actually, I'm not.
With the wonderful hiatus that you may have noticed, many things have just slipped by our news desk.
This hasn't... Okay, it did, but I'm making up for it!
On the 19th, s.b.o received word that a new release of AlephOne SDL. It has a number of fixes, including the fancy latest network anti-lag code. High tech stuff.
Also, new improvements to the Carbon/Classic version of A1.

Have you check your bighouse recently?
A new inmate has arrived and I noticed none of you have welcomed him. How rude. His name is "Marathon... And Beyond". Now go shake his hand and play nicely with him... He's fresh. And their second plot is the best. Arr me'arty!
Got news? Mail us!