Nov 20, 2003

Fine, I'll do it!

Marathon: Arena
Nothing to say for almost a year, and what's the first thing they do? Post yet another cryptic message. Whatever it could mean?

Apple and Marathon and Halo, oh my!
With our marvellous little web site we have here, we may often be mistaken to be affiliated with Bungie usually people notice the footer at the bottom of the page, realise their mistake and continue on with their lives.

But today Apple opened up their preview page on the Mac port of Halo. They give a very brief history on Bungie, mentioning Marathon. But if you click on the Marathon link, you end up at this very page. How about that, eh?

So, if you happen to find this page from a link followed by Apple, please note that we are not Bungie but rather a bunch of fans that really, really like Marathon. If you're looking for more information on Marathon this is right page, but this is the official page. Thanks to Elbert Wall for pointing this out to us.

Nov 1, 2003

And now for something completely hairy.

It's another message from our favorite battling kitty...

This bit of nonsense came about in a forum thread about "Marathon: The Movie" written and directed by so and so and how it should go, whether it should be live action, animated or CGI. You know, stuff us dweebish nerds without lives discuss when we should be out on the town rummaging through the clothes of our dates. The Battle Cat thought the Marathon movie should be written by Steven Hillenburg, the guy who does the Spongebob Squarepants cartoon. Teleport over to the Related Marathon Humor section of the Battle Cat's Litterbox to watch the opening scenes of the proposed Marathon 1 movie and see if you don't agree this is a good match of director to movie.

Oct 7, 2003

Cat got yer tongue, boy?

And now, a word from the cat...

Considering the enjoyment you receive, rather than the "whiz bang" of the technology, how would you rate the fun factor ONLY of Marathon compared to the fun factor of other modern first person shooters currently on the market? Consider the game play, balance of weapons, story telling angle, in game situations and the availability of mod creation tools as well as the plethora of mods floating around the Internet. Jut your chin out, squint your eyes, clench your fists then make a stand and vote your conscience in the new Lh'owon Ar'kives poll at

Sep 21, 2003

We don't need no steenkin' punctuality!

OK sorry for the vast delay of some of this item bringage but hey, we don't get paid by the hour here. Wait, we don't get paid here full stop. Meh, bummer.


Lots of juicy happenings over at Hamish's hallowed halls lately, so here they are in achronismological order and stuff.

Tron was a film. It was also a game. Tron 2 is also a game. And it has a reference to Marathon in it. Is that cool or what? Yeah, I vote "What" too. If you can click something, you can find proof here: OMG a link!

Wow, someone made some desktops too! That rocks! Oh and while we're on the oh so controversial topic of desktop pic-a-chures, I might point out that there's a wallpaper competition going on at for anyone who can create an ubersweet Bungie-themed desktop. Prizes aren't Mara but content can be so go! Go I say! Ah, alone at last.

Yeah so to the loner in the corner here's the rest of the news

I say, that jolly vagabond looks rather "in" in his marvelous get up. I wonder where in the world I could purchase such an outrageously finely-woven thread for my humble self. No I don't, because I know it's from Canada and there's only 2. Filthy selfish Canadans! When asked for his own personal opinion regarding this opulent affair, the Icelish gentleman gave this reporter the following snippet from his lobotomitic consciousness:

hmmmm.. i can't think of anything, give me a hand buddy.

How refined!

And finally, a woot-worthy occasion has come to pass yet again. The Story Page has thrown away yet another calendar! That's right, a few denizens celebrated the se7en(plus one)th birthday on the 19th. Make sure you don't miss out on next year's fun!

Orbital Arm

Well, apparently the Orbital Arm forum came under attack from hackers and has been reset. It also gained a new admin (apparently called Dogan, or is it Logan?) in the process so be sure to check out the cleaned out freshness. And check out Lo-... Dogan's site while you're at it. Word or an Anvil Physics editor from what I could harvest... apparently

Other coolness on the PC Marathon front pertains to Obed, the PC editor. Version 1.3's got some nifty improvements so if you're swimming up the PC M2 modding stream, give it a twirl. We like twirls.

Update: We forgot to mention that Steven also produced an update to M2Shaper, though anyone following the link would have found it for themselves. Thanks, Hip, for causing yet another useless occurence of red on the web.


Well, as is the norm in updates of this size, I have most likely missed out on the latest news from your westie mega rambo scenario. Please lemme know [gholsbane at bungie dot org] if this is the case, I'll be sure to cram you in somewhere. Even if it means throwing out the other "newsie" scripts.

So until then, keep your eyes on the sky and your legs in your pants and you should survive. Just

See ya starside!

Sep 1, 2003

Couple projects...


Where indeed? Ernie took time out of his busy schedule dressing up as Neo to allay our fears concerning his particular Rubicon scenario. You guys should all take note: pictures are good for comforting people!

Portal of Sigma

Simon Dupuis, ever the vigilant project lead, decided it would be a good idea to provide some sort of update on his project, as well as some sort of shots of screens. Sound familiar? No? Ok, well, I think you should take the leap and delve into this unknown world anyway. You'll thank me in the end.

Aug 31, 2003

Make my day!

Open Source

I love Cranberry Sauce, especially when it helps me create kick ass MML documents. Luckly Mike Benonis is serving up a large helping of Cranberry the MML editor for Aleph One.


Looks like there have been a boat load of postings from people eager to create scenarios (but notice unfortunately that the scenario news site is empty *hint hint*). If you have the m4d sk1llz, be sure to lend a helping hand. The marathon community needs you!!

...and now for something completely different.

Aug 18, 2003

Long silent, but forever vigil.

Hark! Word from the Cat of many Battles!

There are a butt load of changes happening to the Battle Cat's Marathon page these days, some of which may cause you some navigational headaches. The phrase "butt load" was carefully chosen because the site name of "The Battle Cat's Litterbox" has finally come home after it's creation at and then a brief stint at More importantly, the site is undergoing conversion to HTML 4.01 Transitional as well as a more standardized look throughout. This is a huge coding project but the biggest headache for you, the weary surfer, is that the site has ALSO been removed from it's frames as part of the redesign. Because of the large size of the Litterbox it was not possible to do it all at once and you may find two conflicting sets of navigational aids and icons for a while. The Battle Cat regrets the inconvenience to you while at the same time is dying to see your faces as you stumble blindly through the Litterbox, tripping face first over the steamy nuggets into the clammy litter.

By the way, the URLs have not been changed so any links you have should still work although you are advised to change the DNS to as opposed to the earthlink DNS that now exists. (EX:
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