Feb 18, 2005

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby So Ho!

Free for everyone
Claude is uploading Windows SDL One-Click Installers like crazy over at "The Triology Release" page.
You can now grab a lot of the big scenarios for Marathon there, with even more coming soon!

Scenario News
The guys over at Scenario News are packing up the big guns!

Marathon Story
Hamish is sitting at home eating popcorn while enjoying some first class Swedish entertainment.

New poll up at Fileball. If the Battle Cat catches you cheating this time he will personally castrate you...with his teeth!

Aleph One
Wanna get hooked up?

Are you filled inside with Marathon goodness that you're just longing to shout out at the world? If so, you might want to check out the Recruits page.

Feb 9, 2005

Virgin oil

I thought it was February? It's seems that not everyone agrees with me though...
Go check out the recruits page and see if you can help Tyler out with his project.

There's been a whole bunch of updates over at Fileball. Most recent being the release of Lost Lands part 2 version 2.0.

Story Fory
The volunteers series for Eternal is still going on at the story forum.

Jan 24, 2005

Donne moi la Renault

Scenario News
Always something happening at Scenario News!

Marathon Story
Was Durandal just a brainless old fart, or was he really the genius he made out to be? Check the story page to find out!

Elliot Dagen wants to get his dirty hands on a terminal artist. Go help him out or face the wrath of an eccentric European!

Jan 16, 2005

Time for some action!

Scenario News
Part 2 of Mazaro's masterpiece, Lost Lands has been released! Scenario News is the place to go to find out more.

Marathon Open Source
Mmm... how did Mike Benonis know that I'm crazy about Cranberries? Go check out the new version of his editor for Aleph One.

A new poll is up at Fileball.

The volunteers series for Eternal are still going on at the Story Forum.

Portal of Sigma
Seems to get closer to release; new screens up at the Portal of Sigma page.

Jan 15, 2005

Free stuff!

This is for sure the greatest news since I found my green boxers under the washing-machine or even since the release of Infinity!
It's been a long time coming... but the Marathon games are finally downloadable for free - with approval of Bungie. At the moment, we only have Mac-compatible versions up for grabs... but that should change soon. The important thing is... they're up! Go grab 'em.

Jan 9, 2005

It awakes after one million years... almost...

So, admittedly it's been a while since the last update; but better late than never, aye? Aye.
Lots have happened since the last update, too much to mention here, so I'll just mention the most recent crap.

Marathon's story
Yes Hamish IS still alive and still updating that old page we all know so well by now.

Scenario News
Scenario News has seen frequent updates the whole year actually; most recent being the release of Eternal Mk V.
You can read all about that if you click on the December link at Scenario News.
A Volunteers series for Eternal has also been started recently on the Story forum. You can find the first volunteers post here. Lots of good stuff if you're playing Eternal!

Loads of new stuff over at Fileball. Poll winner announced, Mac action sack still available, Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge for OS X 3.0 beta 6 available and a crap-load of new maps and files to play. Go grab them all! You'll have your hands full for weeks!

Fan fiction
The fan fiction page has also seen a few updates... long time ago now, but if you haven't checked out the stories yet, you'll find some enjoyable readings there.

Believe it or not, but alot of scenario makers are still looking for help with their projects. Go see if you can help out!

There's probably been other updates too that I've missed seeing that the last update was in July, but hey don't blame me, blame the Pfhor, those green bastards! BLAM!

Jul 28, 2004

reverof nohtaram

We now interrupt this normally dormant site to bring you a message from the Battle Cat...

The Battle Cat's Litterbox is moving away from Earthlink to a new server at webwonks.org. I will be leaving pages on the old server that will take you to the appropriate page on the new server but that will not last for long. Please update your Litterbox links to reflect the change in servers. If any link you have of mine contains "earthlink" anywhere in it, it is going the way of the Nar. If it has "webwonks" in it you are probably cool as long as webwonks is the domain. Check with me if you are unsure. All of the resources (maps, tools, graphics etc) will remain at Earthlink for a short while, if you are linked to any of them and cannot find the new link at the new server then email me and I will find them for you. You can now find the Battle Cat's Litterbox at this new location. Nothing has been removed, but some stuff got rearranged because Earthlink forced me to chop the site into 10Mb increments. Made for a messy move, all future moves will be unnoticable. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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