Apr 23, 2005

Not too short, please.

Scenario News
Alexander Smith has decided that Aleph One is a no good, old, obsolete hog. Fortunately for us, that doesn't stop him from working on his Marathon scenario though. Read more about it at Scenario News.

People are still looking for help with their scenarios, coders, scripters, map makers, 3D modellers, sprite experts, more or less everything is needed over at the Recruits page!

Marathon Story
Daily updates at the Story page due to the "Featured Marathon site" thing.

Fileball is down right now. Hopefully it's just a temporary thing...

Apr 15, 2005

Should these things be Marathon related?

Marathon Story
The "Featured Marathon site" thingie is still going on at the Story Page. Lot's of good reading there.
Also on the Story Page:
Famous Jjaro boxers.
The return of the Bungie Webmaster.
Box acronyms.
New Marathon concept art.
Eternal fame.
Probably more things too that I overlooked...

April is hornier than a dog in heat! Plenty of new files to play with over at Fileball.

Apr 9, 2005

Please, not in the face!

Scenario News
PID to Aleph One demo available! Read more about it at Scenario News.

A new poll up, and a bunch of new stuff to play with. Get it at Fileball.

Marathon Story
Always new stuff to read at the Story Page.

Apr 5, 2005

I'm not big... but I'm fast!

Marathon Story
The story page has received loads and heaps of updates lately.

A new net map and a RED conversion to Aleph One! Only place to get them is Fileball.

Scenario News
The Kropolitz guys lets us know that they're still alive and well...kinda... Read more about it at Scenario News.

Aleph One
Are you keeping up with the latest nightly builds?

Halo in Marathon? WHOA!

Mar 26, 2005

I ate the tequila worm!

Two new net maps, as well as a one level solo adventure over at Fileball!

Marathon Story
The Story Page has also seen a lot of updates;
pick up the original Marathon background music tracks,
hi-res image of the USEC Marathon colony ship,
my favorite scifi author's 10th science fiction novel,
a rare insight into the ethnicity of the 'Born on Boards' and a whole bunch of other stuff...

Scenario News
Some really neat screenies, and reassuring news that the PiD conversion to the Aleph One engine is still being worked on! Scenario News is the place to find out more.

Fan Fiction
The Maraff page has also received a small update! Doesn't happen every day anymore.

Mar 8, 2005

bubbly Pink Champagne

Last months poll winner announced over at Fileball. A new poll is up as well - go vote!

Marathon Story
What's in a name?

Admittedly I have no idea what MUD-building is. But if you're a talanted one at that, go check out the recruits page.

Feb 24, 2005

Reminder: Don't pick nose while girlfriend is watching.

Marathon Story
Hamish has gone on a sudden posting spree!

The Kropolitz guys are looking for help with their scenario. Go see if you have the skillz.

New stuff up at Fileball to play with.
Got news? Mail us!