Aug 6, 2005

Who stole my doughnuts!?!?

Aleph One internet fest
Tonight, seven hours from now, there will be a giant Aleph One internet fest going down, be there or be queer!
Just fire up your Hotline client and go to! Hope to see you there!

Jul 21, 2005

Eki eki tapang whooooo!

Scenario News
Scenario developers are turning in progress reports and heaps of screenshots. Read more about it at the Scenario News page

Plenty of new stuff over at Fileball since our last update. From what I can tell, it's had a whopping nine submissions since last time!

Jul 2, 2005

Royal nuts.

Fileball is back up after a server switch, and it has seen lots of upates since our last update:
The Aleph One utility Mac2SDL has reached version 2.0
Aleph One RPG for Mac and SDL goes to version 2.0.1.
Marathon: Pathways into Darkness Demo (v1.0) up.
Poll winner announced, and a new poll is up and running.

Many people are still looking for help with their scenarios:
Shapers and mappers needed for Marathon Shadow.
The MarathonWiki project is looking for advice when making the scenario author and translation etc.
Sound guy need for Marathon: INFESTED.

Scenario News
Two new scenarios announced... kinda :-)

Aleph One
Old news by now, but a new Aleph One discussion forum has gone online.

Jun 4, 2005

Eat vacuum you bastard guy!

Marathon Fan Fiction
Some wise guy on the story forum (won't mention any names), came up with the idea of writing a never ending story... a quirky idea in the sense that noone, no matter how much time he had, would ever be able to read a never ending story. In fact, noone could ever write on, so I see only futility in the project.
Still, it's a good read, and anyone who want to check it out, should head on over to the Marathon Fan Fiction page right now!

Scenario News
More progress report from Alexander Smith regarding his pet project; Infested. Check it out!

There also was some new swag over at Fileball. Unfortunately Fileball is temporarily down as I write this.

May 22, 2005

Beer - helping ugly people have sex since 1862!

Marathon Story
Always new junk to wade through at the story forum...
Marathon music remakes.
awesome 3D models of the hound.
Featured Marathon site #37.
What about BoB.
Name those aliens.
A bunch of other stuff as well...
Find out more at the Story page!

Scenario News
Fat moms and new scenarios at the Scenario News page.

Aleph One
New artwork up at the Marathon Open Source page!

More help needed on the Starship Marathon scenario. This time, they're looking for textures. Head on over to the Recruits page to find out more.

May 10, 2005

Fiesta del Sol

Scenario News
Spice up your desktop with Blayne Scott's new awesome graphics!

Marathon Story
More featured Marathon pages.

New poll up at Fileball.

I'm pretty sure Josh has simply found the wrong place... but he's looking for buildings.

May 4, 2005

Danger! High Voltage!

Four new net maps up at Fileball since our last update! Go grab 'em!

Marathon Story
Will Hamish ever run out of Marathon related pages? Loads of other new crap as well over at the Story page.

Have you ever wanted to blow the living hell out of Starship Troopers in Aleph One? If so, check out the Recruits page and see if you can lend a helping hand.
Got news? Mail us!