Oct 12, 2005

I'm too handsome to die!

A new solo level, a new net level, poll winner announced and new poll up, Japanese RED. All this can be found at Fileball.

Marathon Story
A Story page search engine, an IMG article covering Marathon, what makes a good map and puzzle, more Japanese stuff, Bungie employee chiming in. All this at the Story Page.

Aleph One
The Marathon Open Source page is gearing up for a major overhaul! Also, a CD image including the entire Marathon trilogy for DreamCast has been released! Good stuff.

Sep 30, 2005

Fully interactive blowup moms!

Marathon Story
New stuff to read over at the Story page for all you book worms:
    Do you ever lay awake at night wondering whatever happened to that Greg Kirkpatrick guy?

    An article on Marathon by Pat Miller in issue 7 of the The Excapist.

    Ever wondered what the Story page looked like ten years ago?

    Claude is proudly showing off his precious for everyone to see.

Ever wanted to see an RPG game set in the Marathon universe? Well, here's your chance of seeing such a project come to life. Head on over to the Recruits page and see if you can lend a helping hand.

As has become a bit of a regular thing lately - there's too much new stuff over at Fileball for me to list here. Just head on over there and check it all out for yourself!

Sep 10, 2005

Swing swing.

A music video based on a Marathon net game? Cool.
Heaps of new Marathon net maps? Awesome.
Where? Fileball.

Marathon Story
Could it be true? Is the Marathon Story page really being updated again?

Scenario News
Apocalypses, disasters and Infested people all milling around on Scenario News page.

Aug 26, 2005

I am THE sith lord.

Marathon keychain
Ever wanted to get your hands on one of those extremely rare, and uber cool Marathon Keychains? Well, it might be your lucky day! It just so happens to be one on sale on eBay right now.

An amazing 11 new net maps up at Fileball since our last update! C.H.E.F. a single player level, has also been upped a version.

Scenario News
Tiny update at Scenario News as well.

Aug 18, 2005

My head is in the gutter.

Marathon Forg Fest
Don't forget to log into hotline on Saturday for some kick a55 multiplayer Marathon deathmatches. They are held every Saturday night! And I quote the Battle Cat:

"Hey what are you doing Saturday night? If you are a latent geek or even full flown nerds like us then you are dusting the transistors in your new video card for an all out assault in a net game of Marathon. Sure your girlfriend is climbing all over you for attention but just stand up for your Manly Rights of Manhood and shove her out the door with the sole of your combat boot. (If you are a girl and reading this, don't let the bum treat you like that! Call 555-battlecat for the one-on-one attention that you DESERVE!)

Forerunners.org and Cortana.org are proud to announce the Saturday night Marathon Forg Fest. Use your Hotline or Frogblast client to log onto hl.forerunners.org or hl.cortana.org and join in on the fun. It's all free and anyone can join in on the fun, you don't even need to own Marathon anymore. We are using the latest nightly builds of Aleph One to play net and coop games via the internet. If you have a fast connection you can host if you wish, but if not, others can host a game for you. If you are not sure you know how to get set up, there are plenty of friendly people there to walk you through it. There is a butt load of fun to be had as evidenced by the last few weeks. Come for the carnage, stay for the funerals!"

Aug 18, 2005

Where is the feeling?

A demo map of "Chasm" up at Fileball! Chasm is a scenario in progress, this map gives you a nice sneak peak of what is to come.
Two new netmaps have also been uploaded since our last update. Go check 'em out!

Aug 7, 2005

Where some rarely go.

Four new net maps up at Fileball.
There is also a new poll up.

Fan fiction
Fetch yourself a hot coco, sit back, put your feet up, lay back and enjoy the new read at the Marathon Fan Fiction page.

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