Jun 27, 2006

How can bullshit walk?

An A1 net pack, funky Icons, An Infinity net map, Sigma net levels. All this new crap can be found over at Fileball!

Scenario News
Scenario News has posted a nice detailed Eternal X progress report. Go check it out.

Jun 19, 2006

Aarre arkku

Fileball seems to have been extra busy now that it's summer, and people in general have more time to churn out good crap.
The biggest news though would probably be the release of Tempus Irae for Aleph One! Go check it out!

Fan Fiction
The Maraff archives has posted some interesting poetry dug up from the darkest corners of Bungie.net. Go check out!

May 26, 2006


Since there's been loads of stuff happening since my last update, way back, I'll just go over the most recent stuff.

Scenario News
Scenario News reports of a new, mean, badass scenario in progress.

Aleph One
A new stable release of A1 was released on May 7th. Head on over to the open source page to find out more.

Drictelt is looking to recruit all kinds of talents. Go check out the recruits page, and see if you can lend a helping hand.

As always, Fileball has seen a horse load of updates since the last update.

Mar 5, 2006

Scenario News
Could it be true? Scenario News reports that part one of Portal of Sigma has been released!
A new scenario in development has also been announced.

Drictelt is looking for a sound expert, a graphics artist and someone that knows something about the combination of shapes-physics-hires-textures and aleph one.

Dr. Zerho is offering his help as a music/sounds expert for anyone interested!

Go check out the Recruits page for more info.

Fileball has seen loads of updates as always, net maps, solo maps, alterations... Go grab!

Feb 5, 2006

bliiip bliiip boing

Fan Fiction
The Fan Fiction archives have been updated with a neat little piece of fiction from our dear friend Ender. Good to see some new fiction for once, we salute you!

Fileball continues to thrive with activity. A new solo adventure for Marathon Infinity and two packs of net maps have been released this week.

Alexander Smith is looking for a 3D cinematics artist for his ambitious project, Marathon: INFESTED. If you have the skills and will, why not give him a helping hand?

Jan 29, 2006

In the bag

Well, looks like it's been a million years again since this page was updated... but fear not - I am back!

So, what has happened since the last update? Let's see...

Fileball has as always seen a healthy dose of new files submitted over the last few months. Mostly net maps, but also a few other goodies. Just head on over yourself and stare in awe at the grotesquely large pile of new crap!

Aleph One
The Pfhorums went back online a few days ago after a month of downtime.

Damien Barrett of The Unofficial Apple Weblog did a short, two paragraph post on Aleph One.

Mentions of Marathon in "Bungie Weekly Update".

You can also check for older news regarding Aleph One at the source page.

MoppyPuppy is looking for an Anvil "expert" for his scenario "Marathon: Doog!".

The Black Pixie is looking for artists and level/scenario builders for his project.

Shadowbreaker is also looking for a lot various talented people for his scenario "Marathon Shadow".

If we go even further back in time, we find that assassingao, Alexander Smith and Emmett Strauss were also looking for help with their scenarios.

To sum it up, a lot of help is needed - go check out the recruits page if you feel like contributing.

Nov 5, 2005

Luke, I am your mother!

Aleph One
The Open Source page has suffered a face lift.

Inside Mac Games had a cool article on Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge being ported to Aleph One a couple of weeks ago.

The "X86 software" page of the osx86project.org wiki now lists Aleph One among the software.

Scenario News
Download the WMaiD demo! Now also available for MacOSX and Windows. Head on over to the Scenario News page to find out more.

Homocidal Ham is looking for help with his way too big for it's own good scenario "Marathon:The Covenant(Part 1)". Check out the Recruits page to find out more.

Music, Maps, my mom whoring up to poll winners... all this can be found over at Fileball.
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