Nov 15, 2006

Borka bork

Peter Bjørn Perlsø has posted some funny pictures of him and one of his friends playing with a home-made SPNKR. Check them out at the Story Forum.

Nov 14, 2006


Gˆran has posted some nice fan art over at the Story Forum.

Nov 13, 2006


Aleph One 0.17 release candidate 1 is available from
Read more about it at the Story Forum.

Nov 9, 2006


Shongshong has posted some cool concept drawings and screenshots from his scenario in development, Marathon Squadron, over at the Pfhorums.

Nov 5, 2006


Phobos has posted more fan art over at the Story Forum.

Nov 5, 2006


TweeterMan has released two net maps (Carnage Pack v1.0) to Fileball. Click here to read more.

The October's File of the Month poll is also up now at Fileball.

Nov 2, 2006


There will be a Halloween frag fest going down soon. Head on over to the Pfhorums fast and cast your vote on which day you want the fest to take place. The poll ends after 15 votes so hurry hurry!
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