Feb 14, 2012

Love Marathon

From all the tireless, nearly immortal cybernetic crew at marathon.bungie.org we wish you and yours a very Happy Valentine's Day.

Feb 11, 2012

Marathon files

Looking for the latest Marathon scenarios, editors, textures, etc. then look no further than Simplici7y. It contains the latest files from the Aleph One community. Recent uploads include the XBLA Plugins for Monsters, Weapons and Textures.

Really old Marathon stuff can still be found at The Archives. The search engine still works so you might find something interesting.

Feb 10, 2012

Marathon music

Last year Craig Hardgrove completed his remakes of the Marathon music over the course of seven years. Since then he has been building a historical repository of other Marathon community remakes. People like Chibi-usa, Homocidal Ham, Cannibal Whore Feast, and Tobacco. Names to conjure with, music to inspire. Stop by Craig's Marathon Music page and feel the noise.

Feb 9, 2012

Marathon artwork

Looking for a new piece of Marathon wallpaper to enhance your desktop. Then look no further that Josh Goldberg's art directory. Wallpaper in all shapes and sizes from small to the insanely large. Josh doesn't claim to be an artist but a 're-arranger' of art. Whatever he does it's worth a look-see.

Got art? Then let us know.

Feb 8, 2012

Marathon and Marathon 2 for iOS

If you recently updated your iOS version of Marathon and Marathon 2 to version 2.3 you are going to be in a spot of bother. Apparently the three control switches on Couch Fishing (Marathon) cannot be activated with the result that you can't leave the level. It is also impossible to leave Eat It, Vid Boi! (Marathon 2), again because of non-funtional tag switches. Soli Deo Gloria Productions are working on a fix.

Feb 7, 2012

Aleph One 1.0.1

The Aleph One game engine brings Bungie's Marathon trilogy to modern computers, and also powers dozens of community-made games. This version includes an updated version of M1A1 to make it closer to the original Marathon experience and Marathon 2 includes the full HD graphics pack from the Xbox LIVE Arcade game Marathon: Durandal. Download all three games at Sourceforge.

Feb 7, 2012

Marathon Phoenix (Special Edition)

RyokoTK lets us know that he has finished his revised and updated version of Marathon Phoenix. Version 1.2 adds upgraded and better balanced weapons, an expanded soundtrack, 13 new levels from the previous version, and a complete terminal script rewrite. Check it out. Marathon Phoenix 1.2
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